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These guidelines cover services provided in the HCC libraries and electronic resource centers. Please contact the librarian or circulation staff on duty with questions or concerns. You may also use our online comment form.

  • 1.001 Librarians' Forum
  • 1.002 Library Council
  • 1.003 Standing Committees

1.001 Librarians' Forum

1.001 Librarians Forum

1.001.1 Mission
The mission of the Librarians Forum at Houston Community College is to support the institution's commitment to excellence through the creation, implementation, and maintenance of quality library programs. At HCCS, the Librarians Forum exists to ensure coherence and excellence across the System.

1.001.2 Membership
All full time librarians working anywhere within the HCC System shall, meeting together, constitute the Librarians Forum

1.001.3 Meetings
The Librarians Forum will meet a minimum of two times a year. The meetings will coincide with the Discipline Committee Meetings scheduled for the period just prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester and just prior to the beginning of the Spring Semester. Meetings will take place at the same location as the Discipline Committee meetings.

Additional meetings may be scheduled as the need arises or to address specific professional issues.

1.001.4 Organization of the Meetings
The Library Chairperson of the college hosting the Discipline Committee meetings will host the Librarian Forum meeting. The Chair will be responsible for scheduling a room for the meeting, assembling an agenda, based on input from all full time librarians, chairing the meeting, and having minutes of the meeting taken and distributed.

1.001.5 Duties and Responsibilities
The Librarians Forum will address issues that are of common concern across the system. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Library Mission Statement
  • Electronic Subscriptions
  • Circulation Policy and Procedure
  • Collection Development Policy and Procedure
  • Distance Education
  • Hubbed Programs
  • HCCS Libraries Homepage
  • Library Program Review
  • Library Instruction, including competencies, online orientations and outcome measures

2.1001.6 Consensus
The Librarians Forum will attempt to reach consensus on any issue before it, but if consensus is not reached, a formal vote may be taken. Consensus is defined as general agreement among the librarians present, with those in disagreement willing to abide by the decision of the majority.

Decisions made by the Librarians Forum will be presented as recommendations to the Library Department Chairs for formal action and implementation.

1.002 Library Council

1.002 Library Council

1.002.1 The college library directors and the District director meet together on a regular basis to discuss and make decisions effecting policy and procedure across the system.

1.002.2 Decisions are reached based on a consensus of the members, however, if it is not possible to reach a consensus a vote may be taken.

1.002.3 To be implemented, four of the six members must approve any policy which effects both public and support services, and four of the five college directors  must approve any policy or procedure that affects only the public services functions of the libraries.

1.002.4 At least four members must be present for action to be taken that affects both technical and public services and four college directors must be present to vote on issues affecting public services.

1.002.5 Proxy votes are not recognized.

1.002.6 Meetings are held at various sites throughout the system.

1.002.7 The District director coordinates the meetings and is responsible for scheduling a meeting room, establishing an agenda from input from all members and publishing minutes of the meeting.

1.002.7 The areas, which usually require decisions from this group include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Collection Development Policy
  • Circulation Policy and Procedure
  • Library Program Review
  • Library Automation
  • Electronic Subscriptions
  • Bibliographic Instruction Outcomes
  • Library Home and Web Pages
  • SACS and THECB Accreditation issues
  • TIF and Title V Issues (and other grant opportunities that may present themselves)


1.003 Standing Committees

Library Council has established a number of committees of librarians, and when appropriate support staff, from throughout the system who work on various issues and present their findings and recommendations to the group for final action and implementation.

The following committees have been established:

  • 1.003.1 Circulation Policy & Procedure
  • 1.003.2 Library Instruction
  • 1.003.3 Unused
  • 1.003.4 Unused
  • 1.003.5 Unused
  • 1.003.6 Marketing & PR Committee
  • 1.003.7 Database Committee
  • 1.003.8 Web Committee
  • 1.003.9 Library Online Learning

1.003.6 Marketing & Public Relations Committee

1.003.6 Marketing & Public Relations Committee Mission

The HCC Library Marketing-Public Relations (MPR) Committee is comprised of HCC librarians who seek to promote awareness of the myriad of services and learning resources available through HCC Libraries. Innovative marketing approaches will be researched and used to encourage increased usage of the excellent online and in-person resources provided by our academic librarians and library staff.

1.003.7 Database Committee

1.003.7 Database Committee

1.003.7 Database Committee Mission
To coordinate the selection, organization and evaluation of a collection of databases that supports the courses and degrees offered, and to facilitate access to those resources. Scope
Establishes and implements standards and procedures for the selection and evaluation of the HCC library databases and facilitates access to those resources. Responsibilities

  • The ultimate responsibility for the Library database selections rests with the Library Council.
  • To promote the use of the online databases to the library staff and to HCC students, faculty, and staff.
  • To initiate, review, and coordinate database trials.
  • To provide a variety of methods for faculty and students to have input into the selection of databases.
  • To recommend changes to the selection of databases to the Library Chairs for approval. Goals To maintain and distribute usage statistics. To develop a method or instrument for the evaluation of trial Databases. To solicit feedback pertaining to the various databases. To compile, summarize and distribute findings to librarians/faculty. To recommend the selection of databases. To assist in the development of instructional materials concerning the use of databases. To coordinate and develop training for the use of databases. To facilitate ease of access to databases. To monitor spending as it relates to the databases included in the Educational Software budget. Membership
Library chairs have appointed at least one member per college whose term shall expire only by negotiation with the Library Chair.

1.003.9 Library Online Learning Committee

1.003.9 Library Online Learning Committee (updated 06/22/2010 Mission
To provide intellectual resources, innovative technology tools, and an inspiring virtual environment to serve HCCs diverse community of online learners, supported by knowledgeable and resourceful librarians.

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