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Genealogy : Getting Started

Houston Community College Libraries offer students, staff, and faculty interested in Genealogy this subject research guide as a place to start. Use the tabs to locate books, articles, media, websites, tutorials, and more.

Getting started with your search

Start with what you know about your family.

  • Gather information about family members by using family Bibles, journals, letters, newspapers, obituaries and of course, ask relatives.
  • Write what you know about your ancestors on a pedigree chart. Start with yourself as # 1.
  • Locate Pedigree Charts and Family Work Sheets to print and use to document your research. Free downloadable forms are available from the Clayton Center Library for Genealogical Research.
  • Write "surname" in all caps.
  • List the dates: i.e. (06 Apr 1921) instead of 4/06/1921. Day/Month/Year. This is a consistant format and will save confusion later.
  • Write places in order: City/Township/County/State. Again, consistency helps.
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