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Library Statistics Dashboard: Snapshot

HCC Library statistical dashboard, updated monthly

New! Play With Our Data Bubbles!

See those data bubbles?  Now you can play with our data.  See who uses our resources and understand why the libraries are so obsessed with helping students.

See which resources are used the most and understand why the libraries allocate funding to those materials -- both digital and physical.

To manipulate the data hover over the Legend title until the tiny pencil appears and then click. Don't worry about breaking anything -- you won't. If there is no legend just click the circle.

Library Homepage

In the Library Collections September 1, 2016

Who Checks Stuff Out?

Most Used Web Pages FY 2016/17

Database Logins (Off Campus Use) Year to Date 2016/17

How to read this visualization

  • The more intense the color, the more on-campus use.
  • The larger the circle, the more total use (off-campus + on-campus).

Circulation Transactions Over Time

Our Website Visitors Are From Where?

By The Numbers: Who We Are & How We Help

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