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Library Statistics Dashboard: Snapshot

HCC Library statistical dashboard, updated monthly

New! Play With Our Data!

Some of the data here is interactive. See who uses our resources and understand why the libraries are so obsessed with helping students. See which resources are used the most and understand why the libraries allocate funding to those materials -- both digital and physical.

Library Homepage Use FY 2017/18

Annual Data Sheet, 9/1/17

Number of Libraries   14
Square footage   149,831
Number of Volumes    
  Circulating books  260,723
  Reference books  24,167
  Media items  22,768
  Magazines, Journals, Newspapers  464
  Electronic books  250,002
  Digital video 32,508
  Electronic Journals  7,100
  Total   597,732

Popular Web Pages

Added to our Collections Last Year

How to read this Viz:
  • The darker the square the more digital items added.
  • The larger the square the more physical items added.
  • Want to see an alphabetized list? Click on the "Download" button in the lower right corner under the Viz.

Collection Growth Over Time

Circulation Transactions Over Time

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By The Numbers: Who We Are & How We Help

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