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This guide is specifically designed for Dr. Brian Mahon's BIOL 1407 biome project.

Biomes Reference

General References

Encyclopedia Brittanica The online version of the standard encyclopedia, covering a wide range of topics including various biomes (Full-text)
Biomes and Ecosystems This four volume reference set offers over 500 entries on biomes and ecosystems, an ecosystem usually being a subset of biomes. The first volume begins with several overviews of biomes, classified into over three dozen subtypes of the following major types: marine and oceanic, inland aquatic, deserts, forests, grassland/tundra, and anthropogenic biomes. The next three volumes explore in alphabetical order ecosystems in 300-500 word articles. Each entry describes geographic, biological, geological, and sociological characteristics for a given biome, and begins with a summary section of standard geographic and biome-type information.


Electronic Books

Desert Biomes

   Ecology of Desert Systems
Freshwater Aquatic Biomes    Freshwater Ecosystems and Aquaculture Research
Forest Biomes    Forests in Our Changing World : New Principles for Conservation and Management
Marine Biomes     Marine Biomes [Greenwood Guides]
Grassland Biomes    Grasses and Grassland Ecology
Arctic & Alpine Biomes    Alpine Environment : Geology, Ecology, and Conservation


Articles about Biomes

Proquest Research Library A general purpose database that includes the full text of many magazines and journals from a number of fields and disciplines including biomes. Good for popular, current event, opinion-oriented, practical, and how-to topics. (Some full-text)
Science & Technology collection Provides full-text access to over 800 journals covering aeronautics, astrophysics, chemistry, computer technology, geology, aviation, physics, archaeology, and materials science; as well as indexing and abstracts for more than 1,700 publications. (Some full-text)
Academic OneFile Extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects; Includes full-text coverage of the New York Times back to 1995.


Greenwood Guides to Biomes of the World
(These can be found on the shelf at the Central Library - Click on each title for more information)



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