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MLA Style Guide for Citations (7th edition): Home

What is MLA style?

MLA style is a set of guidelines for written communications, such as research papers. These guidelines help writers standardize their papers so that they are easy to read and understand. As a college student, you are likely to be required to use MLA style. Use this online guide to help you format your paper and citations.

MLA style guidelines offer the following prescriptions:

  • Creating citations and work cited pages.
  • How to format papers
  • Standards for things like punctuation and abbreviation

Printable Quick Reference Guide

Evaluating Resources with CAPOW

THE Book

Here it is. This is the book where you can find an exhaustive accounting of all MLA's guidelines for writing papers and for creating citations. While we hope you find what you are looking for on this guide, please refer to the MLA Handbook if you have a question like:

How do I cite a quote that was quoted by another author?

How do I cite observations?

How do I abbreviate New York University Press?



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