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Opposing Viewpoints: Printing

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Printing Documents

Generally speaking, you can print documents of any type with any content from the document display page.

Clicking the Print icon on the toolbar (found in the banner area at the top of the page) will cause the document to be reformatted in a separate browser window without the title banner, navigation bar, etc. Any images or related subjects that originally appeared will also appear. Use your browser's Print function to print the document then close the window when you're done. If the Print icon is "grayed out" then you cannot print the page currently viewed.

Note: When printing documents with large images, you may want to use your browser's print preview function to see how the printed page(s) will look before you print. You may need to change the orientation or resize the page.

Note that you may always use your Web browser's Print function to directly print any page, although the entire page contents will be printed.

All of the text is taken from the help pages of Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center : Critical Thinking.

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