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Digital Gaming: Digital Games Museum

Digital Games Museum

The Digital Game Museum preserves, presents, and studies the history and evolution of digital games and explores the impact of games on individuals, communities, and society. The Digital Game Museum focuses its activities on digital games and artifacts relating to digital games, game development, game design and gaming culture. Digital gaming encompass and means all electronic games, analog or digital, including computer, arcade, console and mobile games.

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Goals and Objectives

In fulfilling the mission, the Digital Game Museum adheres to the highest standards of excellence, cooperation, honesty and transparency as it:

  • develops a world class collection and archive of games and related materials to serve as a repository for the history of digital games.
  • uses the collection and archives to document and understand gaming culture.
  • honors the creative minds which design, develop and play digital games by preserving and sharing their stories.
  • shares our gaming community’s enthusiasm and delight in the world of games with the public through innovative and engaging exhibits.
  • contributes to the next generation of gamers and game developers through education and outreach.
  • works with our gaming community to shape the development and growth of the Digital Game Museum.

The Digital Game Museum draws its support, collections, and expertise from the gaming community. Believing in the importance and potential of digital gaming as entertainment, in education, and as a social medium, we will preserve and present the history of gaming objectively and enthusiastically to our stakeholders and the general public.

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