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Opposing Viewpoints: Basic Search

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center : Critical Thinking

Opposing Viewpoints Basic Search


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Draws on the Opposing Viewpoints social issues series, as well as core reference content from other sources, plus viewpoint articles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, links to websites, and full-text magazine and newspaper articles. 

Performing a Basic Search

Here's how to perform a Basic Search:

  1. If you're not already at the Basic Search page, click Basic Search from the search path bar
  2. Enter one or more words in the Findbox
  3. Select a search option by clicking one of the radio buttons below the Find box: Subject, Keyword or Entire document
  4. Optionally enter one or more search limits(if enabled) to limit your search results
  5. Click the Search button

Note: If you are new to using this database collection, check out the Welcome page.

You may use logical (Boolean) operators, proximity operators and wildcard characters in a Basic Search. Note that entering two or more search terms without any logical operators between terms is the same as using the N4 proximity operator. So that a search on cats dogs is the same as entering cats N4 dogs. See "General Search Tips" and "Tips for Searching in this Collection" for more examples.

If your search is successful, you will see a results list page with citations matching your search criteria on the right-hand side of the page organized into tabs. You will also find a list of the subject terms most closely matching your search terms on the left-hand side of the page known as the Subject Guide sidebar.

If no results can be found, the system will display a message asking you to revise your search. The Clear Form button will erase anything you have typed on the screen and reset the page to its original state.

Selecting a Topic

Alternatively, you can search this collection by clicking on a "hot topic" current events issue and the system will perform a subject search and display a tabbed results list. This list is accessible only from the Basic Search page.

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All of the text is taken from the help pages of Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center : Critical Thinking.

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