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Encore, Catalog, or Database?

You have several choices when it comes to online discovery, so how do you choose the best option? This comparison will help.

EncoreLibrary CatalogDatabase List
When you aren't sure where to startYou are looking for books, media, journals, but not articlesBest to use when your are looking for articles and other digital resources. If you don't know which database, look at the list by subject or use the database search form.
Search over 50 databases at onceSearch only the library catalogSearch one database at a time
Only about half the HCC Library databases are includedThere are no articles here, but lots of books, media, and journalsSelect from the full range of available resources
Organized into 10 subject foldersPhysical items are arranged on library shelves by call number (subject area)Organized many different ways: alphabetically, subject, format, reference, etc.
Advanced search, but some specific field searches not availableMany search indexes to choose from, or try your own search termsFull range of search options available for each database
Best for getting an overview of the types of resources availableBest for books, media, journals, but never articlesWhen you already know the best database for your topic or information need
Easy to move between the catalog and database resultsEasy to move around search resultEasy to move within the database
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