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For Librarians

September 15, 2020

Marketing & Public Relations

September 15, 2020


Mildred Joseph, Gwen Richard, Sanya Bunton, Jennifer Crispin, Alexa Azzopardi, Klairon Tang, Chan Khuong


  • Library Re-opening Signage
    Committee members discussed brief wording for upcoming library re-opening process for picking up library items. Mick Stafford (Library Dept Director) charged committee to complete this item.

    Committee will develop and approve signage wording, along with signage Infographics to be posted for library pick-up process.
  • Quarantine Q & A
    Mildred Joseph (Chair) gave an update on how the Librarian feature section posted to social media is going. Running out of librarians to feature. Committee members also discussed other options for social media strategies (e.g., programs).

    Will likely repost librarians previously featured and ask other library staff to participate to include Library Assistants.
  • Approval of other items from last meeting (May 2020)
    Committee approved
  • New Members for upcoming year (2020-21
    Mildred Joseph announced Chan Khuong of Central Library as newest member.

    Chan will represent the committee on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yammer).
  • Approval of meeting schedule
    Committee agrees on 4th Tuesday of every month between 2-3pm.

    Mildred Joseph scheduled next meeting (Oct. 20th).

Sanya Bunton

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