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For Librarians

July 22, 2020

Web Committee Minutes (draft)

Wednesday,June 17, 2020



Mira Washington (Chair), Bill Hord, Angela Secrest, Jean Taylor, Todd Beckett, Juanna Shin, Erica Hubbard, Danna McCartney


  • Mira introduced Danna McCartney as the new representative from NW College. Welcome, Danna!
  • Erica requested that library programs be more prominently displayed on the homepage.
    • A Library Events link will replace the STEM link on the black bar;
    • Angela will fix the top row of links on the homepage which disappear for some people;
    • Angela will change the "More" link to the page Bill indicatged.\.
  • The profile boxes are ready to be finalized.
    • Angela, Erica and Bill will ask Mick to send an email to the librarians introducing the new standards.<.li>
    • Angela will develop a dummy profile display as an example of best practices.
    • Angela will develop video training so that the librarians can finish before Instruction Week.
    • We reiterated that profiles on LibGuides should be placed at the bottom of the right-hand column so that guide content appears first on the phone.

Respectfully submitted by Angela

June 17, 2020

Web Committee Minutes

Wednesday,June 17, 2020



Mira Washington (Chair), Bill Hord, Angela Secrest, Jean Taylor, Henri Achee, Juanna Shin, Erica Hubbard


  • Mira demonstrated Lighthouse, which she is using to measure and improve our website performance.
    Mira and Angela fielded questions regarding the items measured.
  • Discussion moved on to the program liaisons page.
    • At BIll's suggestion we agreed to switch the program and profile lists
    • At Juanna's suggestion we agreed to try a shaded partial border to set the profiles apart
    • At Erica's suggestion we agreed to create a "ghost" profile to direct patrons to any HCC librarian for subjects without liaisons, such as Career Choices.
  • We agreed to plan a profile workshops
  • We agreed on forwarding the following recommendation to Library Council regarding the profile Contact Information.
    1. Profiles will contain the full HCC mailing address including:
      Houston Community College
      Library location
      Street Address
      Room and mail code
      City, state, zip
      Email addfress spelled out
      Phone number
    2. Profiles will contain a Learning Web link spelled out
    3. Librarians may continue to use the link field as they wish
    4. Librarians may complete the social media section if they wish
    5. Profiles will contain a chat button that allows chatting with the individual librarian when online and logged in, and any other librarian when offline
  • Council approved our avatar recommendation
  • We agreed to continue discussion via email
Respectfully submitted by Angela

May 27, 2020

Web Committee

May 26, 2020

Present: Mira Washington, BIll Hord, Jean Taylor, Erica Hubbard, Henri Achee, Juanna Shin, Angela Secrest

  • Mira asked for a secretary to take meeting minutes and Angela volunteered.
  • Mira asked for suggestions on flexible meeting times. Several members had to leave at 10AM so this meeting was limited to 1 hour duration. The committee agreed that future meetings would be scheduled for 2 hours.
  • Angela introduced four pages for consideration for the purpose of integrating liaison and other information using Springshare’s built-in pages, scripts, and widgets.
    1. This is the current liaison page. It is scripted using a back-end SQL database. Changes are made manually to the database
    2. This page was created after a discussion at Library Council. It is created and maintained manually and has never been implemented.
    3. This is a built-in page that is highly customizable and organized by subject. It integrates librarian profiles, databases, and more depending on how we approach the pages.
    4. This is a page of profiles that link to individual profile pages. Angela demonstrated the metadata system that can be used to develop the actual liaison/guide relationships.
    Angela fielded questions about the formatting and purpose of the pages.
  • There was also some discussion regarding the liaison program.
  1. Erica suggested that Angela develop an LTA workshop to assist librarians with maintaining a standardized profile integrating liaison and other resources, guides, and services.
  2. COEs will not appear as part of the library liaison duties.
  3. At Juanna’s suggestion the Profiles page will be re-titled to “Library LIaisons”
  4. .Library instruction forms and chat will be included as part of the profile box and page.
  5. The committee will meet again in 2 weeks to continue work on this project.
  6. Respectfully submitted by Angela

April 26, 2019

Web Committee Minutes

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 9:15a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

100 Main, Basement #BD12


Mick Stafford, Bill Hord, Angela Secrest, Jean Taylor, Mira Washington, Henri Achee, Juanna Shin 
Justine Randle. Not present: Claire Gonzalez, Sanya Bunton


  • The Web Committee did not have Meeting Minutes to approve at this meeting. 
  • The first item on the Agenda the committee was tasked with was revisiting the Library’s Webpage update and to recommend changes.  The change recommended by Justine and Henri to move the Section-- Library Resources before the Features section.  The other change recommended by Henri was to rearrange what is considered to be the Searches section to be more appropriately aligned with catalog research and search. Re-link the eJournals link-- not working. Angela recommends using Journal Finder.  Henri recommended using more print resources for the Reference center section and will create a list with different sources for the linked Reference page.  Comments from the committee were that they liked the updated page and it was clean. Mira agreed to make all the changes as requested.
  • Item 2 on the Agenda was whether or not we should keep the Guide on how to Access Databases off- Campus Databases along with information on EzProxy functionality. Off-campus database access issues still remains, Mick recommended that we keep the Guide for information purposes and add a link from known issues to the Guide.
  • Agenda Item#3. Due to the many inquiries for One Button Studio locations and time Juanna has requested that the committee find a more visible and/or easier link that shows all One Button Studio information. There is a LibGuide for One Button Studios but it does not have locations and hours for all campuses with a One Button Studio. 
  • Item 4a, Angela recommends a review from Library Council to establish guidelines and consistent procedures. Item 4b. OBSs are critical for compliance with THECB core objective of visual communication skills:…. 
  • Angela recommended adding a link to the Library of Things section. Henri also recommended that a link also be created under the section For Students.  4A Library Council is going to review this since there is no guideline published for consistent procedures. Council will discuss next week the consistencies of LibGuide information and consistency for all “Things” library, e.g. Makerspace, 3-D printers, etc. etc.
  • Agenda Item# 5. Bill briefly updated the committee on the Opposing Viewpoints eBooks in ELS outlook discussion. The issue was that the eBooks were not showing the appropriate data (“no link to the book”). Status for this issue was resolved by Angela prior to the meeting. The eBooks are now showing correctly.
  • Agenda Item#6.  ELS right-hand column and LibAnswers Integration (frequently asked questions facet section).  LibAnswers gives users questions on how to better search a topic. The task for the committee to decide on is whether or not to keep this resource link in the facet. The committee recommended that we keep LibAnswers in the facet.  An additional question..? Should we keep “ProQuest” in the facet? The committee also recommended that we keep “ProQuest” in the facet.
  • For Agenda Item #7 Angela spoke with the committee on the importance of making Word documents and PowerPoint  presentations accessible.  The tools to create an accessible document are located at This will very important for those who are teaching online. Angela demonstrated how to check to see if your LibGuides are Web Accessible by using the WAVE Accessibility Tool.
  • Agenda Item#8. A “new” link for Report a Problem Form visibility will be added to the Black Bar for a quick find. New location:
  • Agenda Item#9. The committee has agreed to keep the ELS Guide link in the ELS search box. Additionally, the statement “Discover books, media, articles, and digital resources with a single search!” was added.
  • There will be an ELS survey on usability, issues, and needs to all staff prior to EDS vendor visit via Web visit/meeting in June.

Meeting Adjourned 11:40 am.
Mira Washington
File: WebCommittee_minutes04262019


October, 2018

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 9:00a.m. – 11:00a.m. - Online


Sanya Bunton, Bill Hord, Justine Randle, Angela Secrest, Jean Taylor, Mira Washington, Henri Achee: Not present: Claire Gonzalez; Juanna Chin

Approve Minutes

Meeting minutes from July 2018 were not available – due to computer failure.

Accomplishments for 2018

As we move into a new year, the Web Committee highlighted a few of the goals it took on for continuous improvement of the Library’s website and communications. A recap of some of those  improvements included and are not limited to:

New Business

Eagle Library Search

The committee discussed the launch of Eagle Library Search (ELS) which will go live on Thursday morning, November 1, 2018 with the removal of the Encore search.

 Angela explained in short, that the difference between Encore and the new Ebsco Discovery Service is that "Encore is a Federated search and will search parallel to multiple information sources and retrieve results while Ebsco Discover Service will search deeper into the metadata for results."

Angela also recommended that the committee take a look at the usability study on Student Searching with Ebsco Discovery from Sam Houston State University.

On the Library’s homepage, a tab for the new EDS search will appear as Eagle Search with keyword being the primary search tool. The other boxes on the bottom will remain. The discussion of there not being a subject search tab listed. Subject search is not setup with Ebsco that way, but entering a keyword will also result in subject search results.

HCC library holdings are ranked above Ebsco. Angela, Bill, Henri and Jean performed some test keyword searches. Eagle Search is a work in progress. There will most likely be updates and future improvements to Eagle Search that best serve our students.

Next Meeting

The next Web Committee Meeting is scheduled for November 28, 2018 -- 9:00am–11:00am at West Loop.

Mira Washington



April, 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 9:00a.m. – 11:00a.m. - West Loop Library: Room 140-O
Attendees: Sanya Bunton, Bill Hord, Justine Randle, Angela Secrest, Juanna Shin, Jean Taylor, Mira Washington ---- (*not in attendance) -- *Claire Gonzales, *Henri Achee
  1. March meeting minutes approved. Justine will send out meeting minutes to HCCLibrarians list serve and post to library website. 
  2. Library Details/Orientations page-proposed change to this page the location pages Motion to go live today 04/25/18.
  3. Language change from library orientation to library instruction throughout the website interim basis. 
  4. Review additional updates to the library location pages - - dotted line changed to solid line in library information box, expanded side by side boxes (100%), added For Students and For Instructors under Library Services box, demo new location pages from smartphone/tablet -- All changes approved. Justine will continue to update the pages with directions to get to the library and updated photos of each library location. 
  5. New Chat Widget on the homepage. - New widget is popular. There are many missed chats during day hours, shift change from 4p-5p and right before closing. Angela has updated the chat to reflect chat time message "a librarian is online 30 minutes prior to closing". Angela added "your question" in the new chat box. 
  6. Language on the website – changing library orientations to library instruction through the library website. - Will change language throughout the site on all forms as well and updated library locations pages.
  7. Propose adjunct library training academy for chat training. Will send information to 
  8. LTA. 
  9. Individual appointment form for librarian assistance and research consultation. Beta test adding a radio button for students or faculty on the current library orientation form.   
  10. Copy webinars to for student areas. Fix online librarian instruction page.
  11. May 23, 2018 -- 9:00 a– 11:00a at West Loop. 

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