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British Literature I (ENGL 2322): Home

About the Guide

The HCC Libraries provide a wide range of study resources and original works related to British literature and its various contexts. This guide provides only a small sample of this rich field. Use the guide to launch your explorations, or ask a librarian for assistance with specific inquiries.

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Like everything else in this world, this guide is possible only through the efforts of many. I especially want to thank Laura Arzola and Betty Proctor for their advice and suggestions. 


Quick Start Tip

Use the Selected Authors tab above to find quick searches for most of the authors you are reading for ENGL 2322.

After you click an author's name to launch a search, you can also modify the search to focus on the work or theme you need.

For example, John Milton and Areopagitica. You can also limit your search by "facets," such as ebook or scholarly journal artcles.

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