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Browse Open Access Databases: A

  • Aaron Copland Collection
    From the Library of Congress: "The first release of the online collection contains approximately 1,000 items that yield a total of about 5,000 images. These items date from 1899 to 1981, with most from the 1920s through the 1950s, and were selected from Copland's music sketches, correspondence, writings, and photographs."
  • Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources
    "This project began as a consequence of a series of conversations in 2010 between Charles Jones and Peter Magierski at NYU about the need for a tool to assemble and distribute information on open access material relating to the Middle East."
  • Accounting Commons
    About 2,700 scholarly articles on accounting.
  • Acting Commons
    Over 600 full-text, open access articles available.
  • Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System
    "ADReCS will serve as a useful resource for aiding different aspects of toxicological studies, especially system toxicology and in silico drug safety evaluation."
  • African American Funeral Programs of San Antonio
    "The over 1,000 programs in this collection highlight the lives of those who have passed away since 1935 in the African American community of Bexar County." From the Portal to Texas History
  • African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
    52 works published by the Digital Schomburg collection, NYPL
  • Ag Data Commons
    "The Ag Data Commons is a data access system maintained by the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Agricultural Library. It uses a customized version of open-source DKAN software, which is compliant with U.S. Project Open Data standards for federal agencies providing access to publicly-funded data. Ag Data Commons holds data files managed directly by NAL and also links to datasets and resources located on other websites."
  • AgEcon Search
    "AgEcon Search is a free, open access repository of full-text scholarly literature in agricultural and applied economics, including: Working papers, Conference papers, and Journal articles."
  • Agriculture Commons
    Over 38,000 full-text, open access, scholarly articles available.
  • AHTPDB: Database of Antihypertensive Peptides
    "A manually curated database of experimentally validated Antihypertensive peptides (AHTPs). It contains around 6000 entries of about 1700 unique peptides."
  • AIDSInfo Drug Database
    "Find information on FDA-approved HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infection drugs and investigational HIV/AIDS drugs."
  • AllMusic
    "AllMusic is a comprehensive and in-depth resource for finding out more about the albums, bands, musicians and songs you love. Songs and clips are available."
  • America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets
    "Contains 4291 song sheets. Included among these American songs are ninety-seven British song sheets from Dublin and London. The collection spans the period from the turn of the nineteenth century to the 1880s, although a majority of the song sheets were published during the height of the craze, from the 1850s to the 1870s. Held by the Rare Book and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress."
  • American Archive of Public Broadcasting
    "The Library of Congress and WGBH in Boston have embarked on a project to preserve for posterity the most significant public television and radio programs of the past 60 years: The American Archive of Public Broadcasting. The American people have made a huge investment in public radio and television over many decades, calculated at more than $10 billion. The American Archive will ensure that this rich source for American political, social, and cultural history and creativity will be saved and made available once again to future generations."
  • American FactFinder
    "Find popular facts (population, income, etc.) and frequently requested data about your community."
  • American Mathematical Society Books Online
    Free ebooks on math history.
  • American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database
    "This site is an interface to a crystal structure database that includes every structure published in the American Mineralogist, The Canadian Mineralogist, European Journal of Mineralogy and Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, as well as selected datasets from other journals. The database is maintained under the care of the Mineralogical Society of America and the Mineralogical Association of Canada, and financed by the National Science Foundation."
  • Annenberg Media
    Free streaming video series on most subjects for use by individuals or instructors.
  • Antarctic Digital Database [Antarctic Digital Database]
    This is an interactive map viewer
  • Anthropology Commons
    Over 54,000 full-text open access articles available.
  • Anthropology Index Online
    "The Anthropological Index Online (AIO) is published by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) in cooperation with Anthropology Library and Research Centre at the British Museum. It is an index to articles in journals taken by the Library and to films held at the Royal Anthropological Institute. The Library, which incorporates the former RAI library, holds some 4,000 periodical titles (1,500 current) covering all branches and areas of anthropology. Nearly 800 journals, published in more than 40 languages, are indexed on a continuing basis. Records cover 1957 to the present."
  • Arachne
    Arachne is intended to provide archaeologists and Classicists with a free internet research tool for quickly searching hundreds of thousands of records on objects and their attributes.
  • Architecture, Design & Engineering Drawings
    From the Library of Congress: "The Architecture, Design, and Engineering category covers about 40,000 drawings (described in more than 3,900 catalog records), spanning 1600 to 1989, with most dating between 1880 and 1940. The designs are primarily for sites and structures in the U.S. (especially Washington, D.C.), as well as Europe and Mexico. American architects and architectural firms created most of the images. Building types range from the United States Capitol and the Library of Congress to private residences and hamburger restaurants."
  • Art and Design Commons
    Over 16,000 full-text, open access articles available.
  • Art Institute of Chicago
    Explore thousands of artworks in the museum�s wide-ranging collection�from our world-renowned icons to lesser-known gems from every corner of the globe�as well as books, writings, reference materials, and other resources.
  • | Cornell University
    "Open access to 853,987 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics"
  • Association of Religion Data Archive (ARDA)
    "The Data Archive is a collection of surveys, polls, and other data submitted by researchers and made available online by the ARDA." Also available find teaching tools and papers.
  • Astrophysics and Astronomy Commons
    Over 5,000 scholarly articles available.
  • Astrophysics Data System
    The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is a Digital Library portal for researchers in Astronomy and Physics, operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) under a NASA grant. The ADS maintains three bibliographic databases containing more than 10.7 million records.
  • Atlapedia Online
    "Atlapedia� Online contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world."
  • Atlas of North American English Mietoption
    For the study of phonetics, phonology and sound change.
  • Australian Biological Resources Study
    "The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) provides national leadership and support for the discovery, naming and classification of Australia�s living organisms. We do this because information on Australia�s biodiversity, provided through taxonomy, underpins knowledge and decision-making across government, science and industry."
  • Automotive Engineering Commons
    295 full-text open access articles
  • Automotive Who's Who
    Some searches are free, others require a subscription. "AUTOMOTIVE WHO'S WHO�, Inc. publishes a database of North American automotive original equipment (OEM) tier suppliers and key employee contacts. Our list is intended for use by a wide range of industry professionals including top executives, site managers, engineers, buyers, consultants and researchers, etc. Our comprehensive directory covers the automotive manufacturing supply chain comprised of Tier I, II, and III suppliers of parts, components, assemblies and related services."
  • AVALON Project
    "Documents in law, history, and diplomacy" from Yale Law School. Browse by time period or search.
  • AWOL - The Ancient World Online
    "The bibliographic data presented herein has been programmatically extracted from the content of AWOL - The Ancient World Online (ISSN 2156-2253) and formatted in accordance with a structured data model."

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