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Dr. Shireen Hyrapiet's - GEOG 1301: Citation


Documenting Sources

Your research is done and your paper is written. What else is left to do before you can turn in your assignment? You still have to document the sources that you used. How do you do this? With CITATIONS!

Why Is It Important That I Cite My Sources Accurately?

They help others find the information that you used.

They help establish the credibility of your own research.

They connect your work to the work of other scholars.

It is one way that scholars enter into a dialogue with each other.

It is a way to honor and acknowledge the work of others who have made your own research possible.

Style Guide - MLA

Citation: Why We Cite Our Sources

Style Guide - APA


Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas or words without giving them proper credit. Plagiarism can range from unintentional (forgetting to include a source in a bibliography) to intentional (buying a paper online, using another writer’s ideas as your own to make your work sound smarter). Beginning writers and expert writers alike can all plagiarize. Understand that plagiarism is a serious charge in academia, but also in professional settings. - Purdue Owl

How to Avoid Plagiarism

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