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History: Oceana, South Seas, Australia

Oceana, South Seas, Hawaii, Australia

  • DU1-950 -- History of Oceania (South Seas)
    DU28.11-68 -- History
    DU80-398 -- Australia
    DU108-117.2 -- History
    DU120-125 -- Ethnography
    DU125 -- Australian aborigines
    DU145 -- Australian Capital Territory. Canberra
    DU150-180 -- New South Wales
    DU170-172 -- History
    DU178-180 -- Local history and description
    DU182-198 -- Tasmania. Van Diemen's Land
    DU190-195.3 -- History
    DU200-230 -- Victoria
    DU220-222 -- History
    DU228-230 -- Local history and description
    DU250-280 -- Queensland
    DU270-272 -- History
    DU278-280 -- Local history and description
    DU300-330 -- South Australia
    DU320-322 -- History
    DU328-330 -- Local history and description
    DU350-380 -- Western Australia
    DU370-372 -- History
    DU378-380 -- Local history and description
    DU390 -- Central Australia
    DU391 -- Northern Australia
    DU392-398 -- Northern Territory of Australia
    DU400-430 -- New Zealand
    DU419-422 -- History
    DU422.5-424.5 -- Ethnography
    DU422.8-424 -- Maoris
    DU428-430 -- Local history and description
    DU490 -- Melanesia (General)
    DU500 -- Micronesia (General)
    DU510 -- Polynesia (General)
    DU520-950 -- Smaller island groups
    DU620-629 -- Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii
    DU739-747 -- New Guinea
    DU810-819 -- Samoan Islands

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