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Machine Technology: Careers

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The Machining Technology Program is designed to meet industry’s continued and growing need for trained machine operators and programmers. This program prepares students for employment in machine shops, manufacturing facilities and in the maintenance of industrial plants. The AAS degree in Machining Technology is designed to develop competent support technicians for employment in the field of machine shop and related occupations. The curricula are designed to provide a broad-based education with opportunities for specific employment and personal interest goals. The shop has more than sixty pieces of manual equipment (such as lathes and milling machines), seven pieces of computerized numerical control (CNC), turning and milling machines, six robotic arms, a computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) cell, hydraulic and pneumatic trainers, and sixty personal computers with up-to-date training materials. The program is also an Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Engineering Geometry Systems: FeatureCAM (CAD/CAM) software.

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