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Human Trafficking: Government Resources


Human trafficking can take many forms including sex work, forced labor, and debt bondage.

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U.S. Department of Justice Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit

Government Reports

Texas Resources

Department of Homeland Security on Human Trafficking

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Anti-Trafficking in Persons

United States Agency for International Development (Countering Trafficking in Persons)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Human Trafficking Houston

Human Trafficking Houston. org

"Human trafficking is an egregious human rights violation. In this lucrative criminal enterprise, people are treated as commodities to make a profit for traffickers. Victims may be forced to provide labor services or have their bodies sold for sex. While this is a serious problem in other countries, it is not just an international issue. Men, women and children are bought and sold every day in the United States, and sadly, Houston has been identified as a hub for this criminal activity. Fortunately, Texas has been a leader in the fight against human trafficking. It was one of the first states in the nation to pass a human trafficking statute, and Houston area lawmakers have been champions for anti-trafficking legislation. It takes all different types of stakeholders working together to ensure a comprehensive approach to this issue, and the Houston Area Council on Human Trafficking will work tirelessly to make the message loud and clear: no person is for sale." From "Overview," Accessed 19 Jan 2018.

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