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IDEAStudio: 2018-2019:Census Challenge

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2020 Census Design Challenge

Erase the Undercount!

In 2010, over 30% of Houston’s residents did not respond to the Census. It is estimated that Houston will lose $15,780 between 2020 and 2030 for every resident not counted in 2020. This Spring, Houston's Mayor’s Office launches a first-in-the-nation student design challenge to inspire creative solutions to ensure that all residents are counted in our 2020 Census. This initiative will be supported at Houston Community College through IDEAS Academy, an innovation program of the West Houston Institute.

About IDEAS Academy

IDEAS Academy at HCC's West Houston Institute offers a program that integrate Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship with the Arts and Sciences. The curriculum is about teaching the interdisciplinary mindsets and skillsets that will lead to success in the 21st century. It offers opportunities for students to engage in real-world, experiential learning that promotes creativity and innovation in all fields of study across the institution.

Jordan Carswell, Program Director
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Census News

Public Services Librarian

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Alexandra Almestica
Alief Hayes Library, Office 200.8
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Houston, TX 77082
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Challenge Resources

Please visit this page for additional resurces:

Explore Phase:

In the Exploration phase of our design challenge, we will integrate the use of various information and data tools to begin to understand our wicked problem. Searching for answers to complex problems requires the use of creative thinking to generate questions that will guide our inquiry. We will use primary and secondary resources as the cornerstones for imagining creative solutions.

Tool: Surveys

Tool: Qualtrics

Explore Qualtrics:

Tableau Learning Resources:


Challenge Alief Pilot Zip Codes







Challenge Areas

Data Research Project: Undercount Neighborhoods Fieldwork  Communication Design Project: Community Engagement Strategy  Web Design Project: Social Media & Informational Website  Experience Design Project: Neighborhood Events & Activities 

-Create Team-Based Research Design Plan 

-Conduct Primary and Secondary Research 

-Design Community Surveys Using Survey & Visual Analytics Tools 

-Present Research Findings & Insights to Stakeholders 

-Plan Communications & Engagement Strategy for Undercounted Neighborhoods 

-Design Graphics and Collateral Materials 

-Create Research-driven Messaging for Campaign 

-Identify and Test Effective Online Messaging Platforms 

-Design Social Media Strategy for Awareness Campaign 

-Design and Develop Awareness Campaign Website 

-Produce Digital Media Content (Audio/Video/Infographics) 

-Design and plan on campus events for students 

-Design and plan community events and activities in Undercounted Neighborhoods 

-Develop Student Census Ambassadors Program for Individual Campuses

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