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Resource Availability & Access

Known Issue: Project Muse links are not working properly in Eagle Library Search. Links may not show for Project Muse articles, or the links will show but will download the article pdf without displaying the Project Muse journal page. Resolution: The vendor is working on the links.

Known Issue: Occasionally items are listed as available in the catalog when in fact they may be unavailable either online or on our library shelves.  Resolution: Please use the Report a Problem form below to notify us when this happens so that we can correct the display or search for the items.

Nexis UNI Alert

We received the following email from our Nexis UNI rep on 3/25/2019

Exciting changes are coming to Nexis®—in our user interface and behind the scenes.

I wanted to share a quick reminder with you that on April 1 we will be releasing a set of enhancements for our Nexis product.

These latest upgrades will bring new functionality to Nexis and upgraded back office tools for your account administration, including:

  • Improved search results—including no more result count limit, ability to share documents and folders, and more!
  • Upgraded back-office processes with LexisNexis® Account Center and LexisNexis® PowerInvoice
  • More powerful and intuitive ways to manage your account

Before the upgrade if you or someone on your accounts create a new alert or have complex searches you regularly use, we recommend that you:

  • Save or print offline any recent complex search strings
  • Save or print offline any recent alert search strings
  • Make a note of your saved sources
  • Make a note of your Negative News Search and other settings if you have customized these

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reaching out to provide Nexis users with helpful support tools, training and tips surrounding the upgrades. If you have more Nexis users, encourage them to learn more. Click here to check out some of the upgrades or sign up for a training webinar!


Known Issue: Chromebooks may not connect to the HCC Public WIFI seemlessly. Resolution: Contact HCC Library circulation desk staff for assistance.  They can assist you with the steps needed to resolve access.

Library Websites

Known Issue: Library names are out of order on Today's Hours list. Resolution: We are working on this with as the hours are listed automatically.

Logging In

Known Issue: Student "w" number logins may not work with the HCC Library proxy server..  Resolution

  • Verify that the password is correct.
  • If the password was changed in the HCC student system, it may not be available for all HCC logins. Change the password in the HCC Password Management system here:

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