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Citation Generators

Have you ever wanted citations to be easier?!  Tired of loosing points on your work cited page?  Check out the citation generators below!

What is a citation generator?  Go to these websites, fill in the appropriate blanks, hit the button, and your citation is DONE!  Copy and paste the completed citation to your paper.  Repeat as necessary.

Things to remember: Garbage in. Garbage out.  If you put the wrong information into the citation generator, your citation will be wrong.  If you have questions about what needs to be put in a specific field, please ask a librarian or your instructor.

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Different Types of Style Guides


The MLA style guide is one of the most well known and used style guides and tends to be used across subjects but especially in English.


The APA style guide was developed by the American Psychological Association and is primarily used in the field of psychology, although many other professional fields have adopted the APA style.

Chicago & Turabian

The Turabian style is an easier version of the Chicago style guide.  In these styles citations are made at the bottom of the page instead of on a works cited page at the end of the paper.

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