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Library Accessibility Resources

Laptops with Accessibility Software

The HCC libraries have 25 (twenty five) ADA laptops available for current HCC students, in good standing, to check out and use either at home or on campus. The ADA laptops are also available to check out by day or class time, and then checked back into the library at the end of class or day, based on availability. This program is funded (in part) by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Below find tutorial links for using the software on these laptops.

Guidelines for Use

  • Students must show proof that they are at least 18 years old to borrow an ADA laptop.
  • Students must show a current semester Letter of Accommodation (LOA) signed by an ADA Counselor showing eligibility of need.
  • Only HCC students in good standing with the libraries (no overdue materials) may borrow an ADA laptop.
  • Students must have a current Student ID card.
  • ADA laptops are available for 3-week checkout periods. However, the ADA laptop loan can be renewed in person for another 3-week period, up to 5 times total per Spring and/or Fall semester.
  • ADA laptops must be renewed in person, and students must present the equipment at time of renewal, within three days of the due date.
  • Students may place hold requests for delivery to a selected HCC library or ERC (Electronic Resource Center). The ADA laptop will be held for pickup no more than two days following notification of availability.
  • Students should not expect courtesy loans of assistive technologies from HCC to serve as their only means of access to course materials or activities.
  • Approximately 4 days after an overdue notice is sent, a second overdue notice will be sent and a negative service indicator for the $1800.00 minimum replacement value and a $10 processing fee for the ADA laptop, a $35.00 replacement cost for the power cord, a $30.00 replacement cost for the carry case, and a $45.00 replacement cost for the DVD multi-recorder,will be placed on the borrower's record.
  • Police reports will be filed for ADA laptops overdue a month or more or reported stolen or missing by borrower.
  • ADA laptops must be returned without damage. Repair or replacement costs for damaged ADA laptop will be charged to the borrower.
  • Borrower accepts responsibility for the repair or replacement of the equipment in the event of loss, theft, or damage. Replacement cost and prices will be based on current market costs.
  • Refrain from unauthorized attempts to circumvent the security mechanisms of any college system.
  • EQUIPMENT SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED. HCC is not responsible if equipment is stolen or damaged during the borrower's loan period. The borrower is responsible for equipment until it has been returned and checked in by staff.
  • Equipment should not be used in locations that might increase the likelihood of damage and should be kept in a padded carrying case or sleeve during transportation.
  • Please return equipment to the Library Services location of your choice during open business hours (please contact the office of return to find out their open hours). Please note that we will send due date reminders by email, and will charge late fees, or replacement fees, which could result in financial holds on student accounts.

Access to Technology

  • Accessible and Adaptive resources are provided for current HCC students with documented eligibility across the college. The standard configuration of computer lab stations includes some accessible and/or adaptive technologies, but additional software (JAWS, ZoomText, etc.) or hardware (large print keyboards, trackball mice, etc.) can be requested through the disAbility Offices or the Assistive Technology Services and placed as needed when appropriate.
  • Assistive Technology Services provides classroom-based equipment on an individualized basis through the disAbility Services Counselors and the accommodation process.
  • HCC Library Services provide loaner equipment including a variety of assistive technologies. These options are afforded on a first-come first-served basis and with the recommendation of a signed Letter of Accommodation (LOA) from an ADA Counselor.
  • HCC Library Services loans equipment, as a courtesy to assist students in the process of discovering which tools and techniques are most effective for them as learners, and as a means to address a short-term or acute need. The loans are made on a term-by-term basis and are not meant to provide ongoing personal home-based use of college-owned equipment.
  • Students should not expect courtesy loans to serve as their only means of access to course materials or activities.
  • disAbility Services, Library and/or Assistive Technology Services provides training in the use of some technologies, and can help students identify and leverage accessible campus-based computing and community resources.


Check out an ADA Laptop

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