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Digital Stories: Digi Story Camp @ Fraga


Digi Story Camp - Timeline


Participants will understand the scope of our digital storytelling project.

Participants will identify their story.

Participants will understand the narrative criteria.

Introductions & Icebreakers

Story Circle

Supplies: Handouts, notebook, pens, pencils ...
TU Participants will draft a script, identify, and organize story elements. Interviewing & Storyboards Supplies: Notebooks, zoom recorder, & listening station.

Facilitator will instruct on the various tech tools that will be utilized.

Participants will rehearse and record narrative elements for voiceover.

Narrative edits & Voiceover recording Supplies: Desktop, script, USB drive, zoom recorder, listening station.
TH Participants will explore and apply video editing techniques and processes on WeVideo. WeVideo  Supplies: Desktop, USB drive, zoom recorder, script, media, & listening station.
F Participants will finalize and showcase their work with the cohort. Showtime Supples: Desktop, USB drive, zoom recorder, script, media, listening station, teaching station, projector, snacks, etc...



M Students will write about their chosen topic, identify visual elements and audience.
TU Interview & Visual Media
W Refine ideas. Practice reading the narrative with expression.
TH If participant has access to a computer or mobile with internet, revise: text, credits, transitions, sound, etc...
F Celebrate!


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