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EDUC 1300 - Stidham: Books & eBooks

General Search Tips for Books on Careers

When you first land on the HCC Libraries' Homepage at you will see a search box on the page that looks like the image below.

This is where you would begin your search. The Eagle Library Search search type is chosen by default, and this is a good place to start. You can enter a few words that might appear in the title of a book on your topic or in a description of it. 

Screenshot of HCC Library Main Search Box

For example, a good starting point could be to enter the word "jobs" or the word "careers" and a word or phrase that describes your field - "sports" or "healthcare" or "business," for example. Beware though- small differences in search terms can make a big difference in the results you retrieve. Try "careers health" and then try "careers healthcare" and then "careers health care" and notice the difference in the number of results! 

Once you find a title that meets your needs, take a close look at the item's record. In order to find and check-out an item, you will need its Library location, Call Number, and Status. Use the View catalog record link to check current availability and to request that the item be held for you to pickup.

catalog link

If an item is available in full text you need only click the link. You will be asked to log in if you are not on an HCC campus.

Search for Course Reserves using the catalog link to the right.

Eagle Library Search

HCC Eagle Resource Discovery

Eagle Library Search

Featured Books and E-Books

Book and E-Book Search Tips

Search the HCC Catalog for Materials on Careers! 
This is a general search for HCC library materials on Vocational Guidance. To narrow this list to a particular field, you can click on the Modify Search blue button and enter another keyword in the search box below the one that includes Vocational Guidance to include. For example, try Nursing or Computer science to narrow the search to only those fields. You may also choose to modify your search by the item's location or format.

Search the HCC Catalog for Ebooks on Careers! 
This is a search in the HCC Library Online Catalog for full-text ebooks (electronic books) that you can access and read online.
Note:  Many ebooks may require an HCC barcode number or W#/password login from off-campus.

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