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Using Eagle Library Search

What is the Eagle Library Search?

Eagle Library Search, or ELS for short is a search tool that allows you to search the majority of the library's physical and electronic resources simultaneously along with additional sources such as Research Guides, Library information, HCC program information, and scholarly open access resources.

ELS brings you results in all material types and from all of these resources in a single list which can then be manipulated by editing your search terms, narrowing your source types, or selecting only certain providers.

Summary of the Search Process

Step 1: Type your search terms.

type your search terms

Step 2: Select your search field.

select your search field

Step 3: Click "Search".

click search

Step 4: Review your results..

review your results

Not the right results? You can

Modify your search

modify your search

Use Advanced Search to see many more options

modify your search modify your search

Change your Limiters.

change your limiters

Scroll down to select certain Source Types

select a source type

Scroll further down to narrow your search by Database

select a database

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