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Evaluating Sources: Google

How to determine which sources to use for accurate, professor-approved information.

Can you use Google to find sources?

Yeswith caution! Be sure to evaluate whatever information you find.


Before using Google, remember:

  • Google doesn't cover every website.
  • Watch out for advertisements and sponsored links.
  • Google uses past searches, personal information, location, and web habits to produce its search results, meaning two people can type in identical search phrases and end up with different results. Consider using an alternative search engine like if you encounter too much of this.
  • Google Scholar may require a subscription fee for access, and doesn't always log in with your school's credentials.
  • Always evaluate whatever results you find with a little extra scrutiny.

Google Search Hints

Here are some helpful tips for searching Google:

Using Google in a Scholarly Way: Advanced Search with Western Oregon University

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