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Embracing Innovation in Community College Environment

Houston Community College strives to be a leader in innovation and student success in the Houston area. The Innovation Fellowship program is one such initiative which helps faculty and staff develop personal and professional skills and a mindset to innovate. This project is developed to help the HCC community locate the plethora of innovation hubs and technologies around HCC campuses. 

Project Focus

The primary goal of our project is to assist faculty, staff, and students become aware of the plethora of technologies and innovative resources available to them. We focus on creating an interactive StoryMap that details the location and components of the “makerspaces” and innovation hubs of HCC. StoryMap aims to address this through a location-based, online visual display. 

Team One



Rumela Bose

I have been a Public Services Librarian at HCC (Houston Community College) Central Campus since 2016. I received my master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Oklahoma and hold a second master’s in History. My areas of interest include teaching information literacy, outreaching library resources and incorporating emerging technologies in libraries. I have experience of working at community college libraries for more than 8 years.                


Shireen Hyrapiet

I am a full-time faculty member at Houston Community College since 2018. I teach Physical, Human and World Regional Geography courses. I was born and raised in Kolkata, India where I completed my undergraduate degree in Geography Honors from Loreto College, Kolkata. Thereafter, I pursued higher education in the United States beginning with Millersviille University of Pennsylvania, followed by a Masters Degree in Fire and Emergency Management Administration and a PhD in Geography both from Oklahoma State University. I began my educational teaching career at Oregon State University before accepting a full-time faculty position at HCC. Currently, I serve as the Program Coordinator of the Geography Program at HCC.      



Laura Jakubowski

I have been a full-time faculty member of the Chemistry department at Houston Community College since 2020 and was an adjunct faculty member since 2014. I teach lecture and laboratory courses at HCC’s Southwest campuses, where I am strongly driven to create an engaging learning experience for the students. I received my Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemistry in 2010 from Carnegie Mellon University, during which time I was the recipient of the prestigious National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program award. 


Anita Crockett

I have been a full time member of the Talent Engagement Team since 2014.  I received my Master of Science in Human Resource Development from the University of Texas at Tyler where I advised International students for 14 years.  I’ve participated in the Universal Task Force.


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