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Hello fellow librarians!

This LibGuide will contain training resources for using Qualtrics for library quizzes. 

Administering PSLO quizzes

Links for all 4 PSLO quizzes are available at


Setting up scoring for custom quizzes

When you create a custom Qualtrics quiz and write your own original questions, you will need to edit the scoring options. 

If your custom quiz consists of ONLY questions from the PSLO quizzes, then you do no not need to set up scoring.

If you have written original questions, follow the steps below to set up scoring.

  1. Go to survey options on the left side of the page and click on scoring.
  2. You will see all of the questions that appear on your quiz. If you have included any questions from PSLO quizzes, they will already have the scoring assigned. (Most of the PSLO questions are multiple choice with one correct answer. They will have a 1 in the box to the left of the correct answer.) You do not need to make changes to any PSLO question scoring values.
  3. Now you will need to enter a value for the correct answers for your original questions. Look at each question individually and identify how many correct answers there are. The value you assign to the correct answer(s) is 1 divided by the number of correct answers in decimal format. For example, if you write an original question and there is one correct answer, 1/1 = 1. You will enter 1 in the box to the left of the correct answer. If you write an original question and there are two correct answers, 1/2=0.5. You will enter 0.5 in the boxes to the left of each of the two correct answers.
  4. Do not enter anything into the boxes that correspond to incorrect answers.
  5. When you are finished editing the scoring, click on back to editor near the top left corner.
  6. Use the preview feature to test your quiz.

Accessing PSLO Quiz Results

  1. Log in to your Qualtrics account.
  2. Go to Projects.
  3. Find the item titled HCC Library PSLOs and open it. (It says Dashboard above it.)
  4. On the left side of the page, click on Librarian Results. This will be your personal results dashboard. You should see Librarian: Last name, First name with your name near the top of the page.

Administering custom quizzes

1. Log in to your Qualtrics account.

2. Go to Projects.

3. Locate the HCC Library Quiz Template. Click on it and then select copy project.

4. Copy to account and give your quiz a project name. Click copy project.

5. After you have copied your project, you will be taken back to your projects page. Click on your newly named project to open it.

6. The various parts of the quiz will be in "blocks." The first block is titled basic information and the last block is the scoring block. Leave these blocks in place. You will see a block for each PSLO in between.

7. Delete any PSLO quiz questions that you do not want to appear in your custom quiz. You can delete whole PSLO blocks, or you can delete questions individually. 

8. You can add new, original questions to any block between the basic information block and the scoring block. You can add them to an existing PSLO block, or you can click on Add Block to create a new block. There are options for your original quiz questions when you click Add Question, or if you look to the left side of the page.

9. You can move all questions to the same block, or keep them in multiple blocks. To move a question, click on the three dots to the right of the question and select move question.

10. Use the preview button near the top right to preview your quiz. 

11. To administer your quiz, click on the publish button near the top right of the page. Click on publish and activate. You will be given a link to your quiz. You can always go back to your quiz later and click on distributions for the link or for other sharing options.

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