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Canvas Integration: Library Tools in Canvas

Welcome to the New Canvas Library Tool!

We have recently launched the Library Tools feature inside Canvas! This tool allows us to automatically display guides and subject-focused database lists by matching a field value from a course in Canvas to a metadata value in our LibGuides system. If the values match, that item is (or those items are) displayed! Other library features are included in all - our location hours, and AskALibrarian FAQ and chat widgets.


We hope that this easy-to-find and use tool will allow your students to access valuable library resources more quickly and easily than ever! If there is content that you think would be helpful for students in your courses, you can locate your library program liaisons here.

Library Tools - the Basics

Screenshot of the Library Tools location next to courses in Canvas


The Library Tools feature is included in the list of options to the left of each course shell as shown above. No installation is required, students can just click on the link when needed! 

What Does Library Tools Include?

The Library Tools includes the helpful features circled below - a customized list of library guides for your subject, a search box for frequently asked library questions, current library hours, and our live Chat window at bottom left.


This is a screenshot of the Library Tools with a matching list of guides.

Library Tools - Automatic Subject Matching

Some instances of library tools will display multiple links to library research guides - like that shown above for an EDUC course. Others may not - it depends on the data that librarians have applied to the guides that they have designed. So, your course's Library Tools might look like the below, like the view in the box above, or somewhere in between.


This is a screenshot of the Library Tools with no matching guides

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