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Reading Culture: Spring 2023 - Republic of the Philippines

Spring 2023 Book Selections

This semester, in honor of our focus on the Republic of the Philippines, participants will have a choice of 2 different texts to read. See more information about these selections below.

How to get a copy of one of the books:

We are currently working to secure copies of both "Alternative Alamat" and "Patron Saints of Nothing." Once copies are in-hand, they will be offered first to individuals who have signed up to participate this semester via the Canvas Sign-Up Form. This form is a new form every semester, so previous participants will need to sign up again each semester. When copies become available, we will reach out via Canvas messaging to eligible students.

Additional copies will be made available at various in-person events throughout the semester, while supplies last.

HCC Library provides access to a ebook versions of both texts, however, online access is limited to one user at a time for Patron Saints of Nothing. The license for Alternative Alamat is unlimited and will always be available. The log-in for these books will be your HCC username and password.

Physical copies of the book this semester, scholarships, and event funding for Spring 2023, have been made available due to the generosity of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Association.

Start of Semester Flier

Event Calendar

Essays or Projects due Monday, April 24th, 2023 at 11:59PM CT in the Canvas course for this program.

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