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Reading Culture: Previous Themes

Love in the Time of Cholera

This Earth of Mankind - Spring 2015

Biography of a Runaway Slave-- Fall 2015

Brother, I'm Dying -- Spring 2016

The Unquiet Dead-- Fall 2016

Strength in What Remains- Spring 2017

Like Water for Chocolate- Fall 2017

Long Way Home - Spring 2018

The Refugees- Fall 2018

Spring 2019- Born a Crime

Fall 2019 - Black Sugar

Black Sugar book

Spring 2020 - Death Note

Spring 2020 - Ghosts of the Tsunami

Fall 2020 - The Map of Salt and Stars

Fall 2020 - We Crossed a Bridge and it Trembled

Previous Committee

Reading Culture Committee: Comprised of a diverse group of interdisciplinary faculty and librarians including Megan McGregor (History), Laura Ayers (Anthropology), Ilija Gallego (Psychology), Bennie Ables (History), Ann Bragdon (Anthropology), Michael Ronan (English), Tiffany Driver (Student Life Coordinator), Sheila Gary (Library), Melissa Miller-Waters (English), Marilyn Douglas-Jones (English), Nicole Zaza (English), Cecilia Bonnor (English), Cathy Douse-Harris (HR Generalist), Maria Straus (Dean of College Readiness), Cindy Belmar (Library), Bryant Evans (Geography), Robin Raborn ( Associate Chair College Readiness), Michael Stafford (Exec. Director Library), Daniel Flores (Philosophy, Honors College), Melinda Payne (English), and Kent McGaughy (History).

Reading Culture Committee: A diverse group of interdisciplinary faculty and librarians including Bennie Ables (History), Shawn Anderson (Library), Laura Ayers (Anthropology), Cindy Belmar (Library), Cecilia Bonnor (English), Dominique Brown (Student Life), Ann Bragdon (Anthropology), Jennifer Crispin (Library), Bryant Evans (Geography), Daniel Flores (Philosophy), Ilija Gallego (Psychology), Sheila Gary (Library), Francis Hernandez-Chawlani (CE-English Language Skills), Mary Lawson (English), Desmond Lewis (INRW), Melissa Miller-Waters (English), Megan McGregor (History), Nausheen Pasha-Zaidi (Psychology), Melinda Payne (English), Robin Raborn (Student Success), Colleen Reilly (Visual & Performing Arts), Courtney Smith (English), Michael Stafford (Library), and Nicole Zaza (English)

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