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Reading Culture: Home

Fall 2021 - China

Fall 2021 - China

Fall 2021 - China

Join the Canvas Group!

If you want to attend online Reading Culture events, please fill out this form to join the Canvas course. (If you are competing for the scholarship, you must be in the Canvas course.)

How to Get a Copy of the Book

Students who sign up for the Canvas course will be entered for a drawing to win a copy of the book. Winners will be able to pick up the book at the HCC Library of their choice. There will be several drawings through the semester.

We also have copies of the book on reserve at many HCC Libraries locations. Check this page to see if the book is available at a library near you: (make sure to "view additional copies" to see ALL locations.)

The book is also available as an ebook through HCC libraries. Click this link to log in and go directly to the book.


What is Reading Culture?

Participating HCC students, staff, and faculty read a book set in a specific country and then have events throughout the semester to learn more about the book and the country. This fall, we are reading about China in the book Under Red Skies. You can attend the events whether or not you want to participate in the scholarship competition. They are all free and online.

How do I get a copy of the book?

  • Student Life and libraries at many HCC campuses are working on ways to get the books to you. Watch this space and the Canvas announcements to find out when and how you can get a book.
  • Copies of the book are available to read in HCC Libraries, "on reserve." Check at this link: to find a copy at the location most convenient for you! (Be sure to click the button that says "View additional copies" if you don't see your location on the list.)
  • There is also one eBook copy at this link: Under Red Skies eBook. Only one person can read this at a time, so if it doesn't open for you, please try again later. The log in for this is your HCC username and password.

How do I attend events?

For Fall 2021, all events are happening online. Most events can be accessed in the Cisco Webex link in the menu in the Canvas course. If you are not in the Reading Culture Canvas course, fill out the form on this page to be added. Some events are external, such as the Asia Society event on September 9. Please register for that event on the Asia Society site. If you have questions about attending events online, please email

How do I compete for the Scholarship?

The scholarship competition is open to all students currently taking classes at HCC and requires you to participate in at least two events, write an essay, and create a project. If you are interested in participating in the competition, you'll submit your essay and project in the Canvas course in November. The project is due a week after the essay is due. We will have book discussions, writing workshops, and project workshops before the due date! The scholarship is applied to the following full semester (e.g., if you win in spring, the scholarship would be for your fall classes.) 


Mark Your Calendars!

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