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Critical Thinking Skills: Core Objective Resources

This guide has been created as part of our institutional goal to evaluate and improve student performance in the core objectives, to serve as a resource for faculty members.

Core Objective Definition

Critical Thinking Skills (CT)
In Texas, the Critical Thinking Skills (CT) objective is defined as including: creative thinking, innovation, inquiry, and analysis, evaluation and synthesis of information.

Faculty Testimonials

We often hear the value of higher education explained as "get a job" but I consider its value (related to employment) is to make the student "employable" - this is has a different meaning than simply earning a credential that can provide access to a job interview. Being employable means the ability to think critically, in all professions.

--Corey Ackelmire

You will be more successful in life if you are able to look at life situations with a critical eye.

--Leslie Comfort

Faculty Testimonials

It is important to build a well-balanced individual and people who can weigh many sides of an argument before coming to a conclusion. To help students engage in logical thinking.

--Shireen Hyrapiet

In a real life situation are rarely questions from textbook. I think of these critical thinking assignments as opportunity for my students to apply what they have learned, not just from that chapter, or from my class, but put it all they know and address the problem in hand.

--Madhavi Nayar

Word Clouds – based on Faculty Input

Critical Thinking – Videos

Word Cloud – based on Student Input

Teaching Critical Thinking - Articles

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