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Faculty Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER): Lessons Learned

Tips from OER Adopters and Creators

As we learned in Kindergarten, share.

Put a license on it! If you create or adapt an OER source, be sure to put a Creative Commons license on it, and then share it, preferably in Canvas Commons.

Seeing is believing.

Want to share an OER source with your colleagues for possible adoption? Whenever possible, it helps to show them a print version of the source for easy browsing and discussion. Not sure how to get a print copy of the OER source? Email your friendly Highline College librarians at

Consider student learning preferences.

Having the pdf of an OER source in your Canvas course is great, but some students might still prefer a print copy for any number of reasons. When deciding to adopt OER, consider surveying your current students to ask them what they would prefer. Again, having a print copy available to show them would help, and tell them the cost of the OER source.

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