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Faculty Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER): Research

OER Adoption Impacts

Faculty Perspectives on OER

OER Projects & Data

Lower Columbia College

  • LCC puts an ad in every class schedule with a list of all the OER courses to publicize them. They also have a designation next to the individual course in the class schedule.
  • Implementing the use of OER saved students $334,802 during three quarters: fall 2015, winter 2016, and spring 2016. This is a $75 average savings per student. (Their FTE is around 3200.)
  • 54 sections used OER in spring 2016. 4312 students enrolled in OER courses at LCC this year.
  • The LCC bookstore reports that they sell many more books, even though they make less per item. But they’re finding that more students are staying enrolled. And if they just keep 20 students from not dropping classes, then they make up for the lost revenue in the bookstore. Students who dropped out were surveyed, and they say the number one reason is cost of tuition and books.

Open Ed Research Group Study

  • 11 peer-reviewed studies, 48,000 students
  • 93% of students had better outcomes
  • Note: Bullet points taken from presentation at OpenEd 2015 conference, referring to the Open Ed Research Group study.

Tacoma Community College OER Project

  • OER project began in 2012 and has since introduced OER in more than 65 course sections.
  • 10,000 students have been served.
  • Over $1.1 million in savings has been generated

Tidewater Community College “Z-degree”

  • More students bought the text (cost <$30)
  • 1.5% lower withdraw rate
  • 3% higher completion
  • Math: higher completion in gateway courses led to higher completion in later courses
  • More information about Zx23 Virginia Community College System Zx23 Project

OER Cost Savings

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