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Here are some practical tips from a former HCC student and practicing Applied Anthropologist, Katy Jones-

Employers always want to know what value you can bring! A degree in anthropology (or just a course!) requires critical thinking skills and the ability to develop a conclusion or solution that expounds upon or improves the situation. Skills such as this are highly needed in business, in many positions in general, and tend to be what set some employees apart from the rest. Students should keep in mind projects and papers that they do for their anthropology courses, as it will prove to be a great resource to talk towards in interviews with employers.

Below are some resources that Katy recommends. Don't forget about business publications such as Forbes. They have anthropologists writing for them and consistently publish helpful employment information. 

Katy also recommends following these people/groups on LinkedIn-

-- The LinkedIn Business Anthropology Community

-- LTG Associates

-- NAPA - National Association for the Practice of Anthropology

-- Dr. Andi Simon

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