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Innovation Fellows Roadside Assistance: Home

West Houston Institute

West Houston Institute - Houston Community College

2811 Hayes Road 
Houston, TX 77082

Why do you need this resource?

Think of this as a toolkit - or roadside assistance - that you might need as you journey through this fellowship.

  • It is an accessible and continuing repository for Fellowship projects, contact information, resources, and other information we wish we’d had earlier in the process.
  • This toolkit becomes an archive of materials shared in one place from across various platforms, giving Fellows a chance to go back and read material they may have missed. 
  • It ensures all incoming cohorts a centralized location where useful tools for innovative teaching and learning, in support of faculty, staff, and student success, can be found.  

Advice to Future Fellows

Although it’s easy to do, don’t get frustrated with the process.  Hop on and enjoy the ride!  Look at the scenery.  Take it all in.  Let your brain process all the incoming information.   ~ Alexa


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