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Innovation Fellows Roadside Assistance: Directory of Fellows

Innovation Fellows Directory

Name e-Mail Subject Area Cohort
Alexa Azzopardi alexa.azzopardi Library 2020-21
Andre Hermann andre.hermann Digital Communication 2020-21
Bianca Bermudez bianca.bermudez WHI - MakerSpace 2020-21
Cassidy Johnson cassidy.johnson Biology 2020-21
Courtney Smith courtney.smith2 English 2020-21
James Ross Nazzel james.rossnazzel History 2020-21
Jing Sun jing.sun Chemistry 2020-21
Jyothi Singh jyothi.singh Chemistry 2020-21
Lane Fletcher lane.fletcher English 2020-21
Lauren Kerr Heraly lauren.kerrheraly History 2020-21
Maria Barragan maria.barragan Talent Engagement 2020-21
Nicol Jamar Alexander nicol.alexander Digital Communication 2020-21
Nupur Garg nupur.garg Chemistry 2020-21
Remya Mohanraj remya.mohanraj Biology 2020-21
Swati Sardesai swati.sardesai1 Digital Communication 2020-21
Vimlarani Chopra vimlarani.chopra Biology 2020-21


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