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Library Laptops: Home

Guidelines for Checkout and Use

The HCC libraries have over 1500 Laptops available for current HCC students to check out and use either at home or on campus.

  1. HCC current full- and part-time students are eligible to borrow a laptop.
  2. Students must have a current HCC Student ID card or a government issued ID card and their W-number. 
  3. Only one Chromebook, laptop, or tablet may be on loan at a time. Students may check out a Wi-Fi hotspot with a laptop.
  4. Students may request that a laptop be delivered to a specific HCC library or ERC. Laptops will be held for pickup for no more than two days following notification of availability.
  5. Laptops are loaned for the student's current term only.
  6. Students may renew a laptop or check out a different laptop at the beginning of the term. Laptops must be renewed in person and may not be renewed online.
  7. Laptops are due at the end of the current term’s enrollment or immediately upon withdrawal from all HCC classes. Log in to your HCC Library account to find the due date. Students will receive a courtesy notice 7 days before the due date.
  8. Following a second overdue notice charges for the laptop and power cord will be placed on the student record and the laptop will be disabled.
    • The charge for a laptop will be $724.
    • The charge for a power cord will be $25.
  9. Laptops must be returned without damage. Repair or replacement costs for damaged laptops will be charged to the borrower. The cost of a replacement screen is $179.00.
  10. All work must be saved to an online storage service such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or similar.
  11. Do not attempt to reset the device. If you feel that you may have personal information on the laptop, we can assist you with removing it when we check it in.
  12. Laptops may not be taken out of the United States.
The borrower is responsible for reporting the loss, damage, or theft of the laptop immediately by completing the Reporting Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Device form. In addition, the borrower should contact the library and return damaged items, if applicable. At that time, library staff and HCC IT will determine any fees.

Get Help

Software and logins are managed by the HCC IT Department.

Call 713.718.8800 for immediate assistance

Software Available

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • Zoom
  • Webex
  • Choice of broswers
  • Adobe Reader
  • Media Player

What About Word and Excel?

Go to and login with your HCC student email account to use all MS 365 products.

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