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Library Chromebooks: Home

Guidelines for Checkout and Use

Dell ChromebookThe HCC libraries have over 1200 Chromebooks available for current HCC students to check out and use either at home or on campus.

  1. HCC current full- and part-time students aged 18 and older who have no library holds on their records are eligible to borrow.
  2. Students must have a current HCC Student ID card or a state or national ID card.
  3. Only one device may be on loan at a time. Students may not check out more than one Chromebook, netbook or tablet or combination of the three. Students may check out a WiFi hotspot with a Chromebook.
  4. Devices are due at the end of the current semester’s enrollment. In the case of withdrawal from all HCC classes, all HCC library materials, including devices, must be returned immediately. Students who are enrolled for subsequent semesters may bring the device to the library for an additional semester renewal.
  5. Devices may not be renewed online. Log in to your HCC Library find the due date. You will receive a courtesy notice 3 days before the due date.
  6. Students may place hold requests for delivery to a selected HCC library or ERC.
  7. Chromebooks will be held for pickup for no more than two days following notification of availability.
  8. Following a second overdue notice charges for the Chromebook and power cord will be placed on the student record.
    A charge for the overdue Chromebook will be $205 and a $10 processing fee.
    The charge for an overdue power cord will be $25 and a $10 processing fee.
  9. Chromebooks must be returned without damage.  Repair or replacement costs for damaged Chromebooks will be charged to the borrower.
  10. Chromebooks are not laptops. All work should be saved to either the student's Microsoft 365 account or to Google Drive.
  11. Personal information will be removed from the Chromebook upon logging out.
  12. Google accounts will be suspended once students are no longer current.

Chromebook Wi-fi Issues

If you are unable to login on the Chromebook after you receive your login credentials, it maybe that the Chromebook has an issue with the Wi-fi. A few things to check: click on the task bar in the lower right corner to make sure that the battery level is at or above 30 percent; use the powercord to login and/or charge the battery to the appropriate level; make sure the selected Wi-fi is on and HCCPublic is selected or use a Mobile HotSpot. If you cannot login because the login screen has disappeared try these <a href="">steps.</a>

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Chromebook login is actually the login to a Google account that the HCC Libraries have created for you. In order to change the password you have to log in to your HCC Google email account (yes, you have that, too!) with the same credentials and change your password there. The next time you log in to any HCC Chromebook you will use the password you created.

Please keep in mind that the HCC Google account is owned by HCC and will be deleted or suspended once you are no longer a student at HCC. If you are creating documents or sending emails that you wish to keep after your HCC career is finished, you should create and use a personal Google account for everything except logging in to the Chromebook.

For security reasons very few popups are allowed on the HCC Library Chromebooks. Popups from HCC sites are allowed.

Popups from third-party publishers, such as MyMathLab, Pearson, or McGraw Hill are disabled.

Those popups are actually asking you to install plugins for those course and textbook sites. The plugins are available for Windows and Macs, not for Chromebooks because the Chromebooks run on the Chrome operating system (Chrome OS). Most publishers do not have plugins available for the Chrome OS.

If you need to use the publisher websites you could check out a Library netbook instead and try to install the software you need.

If you discover that a plugin (App) is available from please let us know and we will allow that plugin to be installed.

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