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Online Library Instruction: For Webinar Facilitators

Welcome Webinar Facilitator!

Word ArtWelcome to the HCC Libraries' Webinar Facilitators' Page! Here you will find helpful information on the planning, execution, and follow-up phases of your library instructional webinars. This is a vital service that you are providing to the HCC Online community and you should be supported along the way. The current project coordinator is Jennifer B. Stidham, Librarian at Library Support Services at 3100 Main. If you have any suggestions, problems, or comments, feel free to contact her at 713-718-8299 or

Our current webinar team includes -

  • Shawn Anderson
  • Alexa Azzopardi
  • Todd Beckett
  • Rumela Bose
  • Sanya Bunton
  • Len Cazares
  • Jennifer Crispin
  • Bethany Herman
  • Mildred Joseph
  • Marlinda Karo
  • Justine Randle
  • Jennifer Stidham

Before Your Webinar

Here are some things to expect before your webinar -

  • You will be contacted a few weeks before the beginning of a semester via email by your project coordinator to volunteer to facilitate specific Webex sessions. It is suggested that you sign-up for at least two webinars per semester. 
  • Once a schedule is finalized, the project coordinator will add the schedule to the LibGuide Schedule and Registration page via LibCal. 
  • Emails are regularly sent by the PC to the Canvas and HCC Online email contact lists. Feel free to contact any faculty members you would like to or to do any other marketing and promotion that you can! 
  • Check the shared folder in OneDrive for Introductory Power Points that you can use in sessions and other documents that facilitators have uploaded. Contact Jenn Stidham if this folder is not visible to you in OneDrive.
  • Schedule a quiet space for yourself with few distractions or chances for interruption as soon as possible! Electronic classrooms and labs work well.
  • Test the PC (desktop/Ethernet is recommended over laptop/wireless) you plan to use well before your webinar date for needed updates, plug-ins, etc. Check your headset and audio as well. 
  • Need more training or want to observe another facilitator's session? Email the group and let us know and we will provide this. 

During Your Webinar

Just before and during your webinar -

  • Relax, take a few deep breaths, and remember to have fun! This is a new experience for most of us, and the platform definitely takes some getting used to. 
  • Login 10-15 minutes before the start-time for your webinar. You can start the webinar and share your desktop to display a Power Point slide, or chat with participants as they come in. 
  • Check the meeting settings such as Participant privileges and customize as you would like.
  • Remember to activate the recording feature in order to provide a recording of your webinar.
  • Watch your time and pacing along the way. 60-90 minutes is suggested for most webinars.
  • You can administer the ProProfs Quiz near the end of the session, but it is included in the follow-up email sent to participants, so you do not have to.

Webinars are always held in the HCC Libraries Meeting Room located at

You just go to the link above and enter your name and HCC email into the middle of the page and you should be able to hold webinars there. Students do the same to join and attend as participants. 

On-Demand Customized Webinars

  • If a professor submits the form requesting a customized webinar, it goes to the PC, who will forward to all facilitators. Let her know if you have been expecting a professor's reservation. If you have an interest in facilitating the session, let her know, or she may ask for volunteers.
  • The PC may ask that the webinar facilitator contact the HCC Libraries' Liaison for the subject if necessary. The liaison might help in developing content or can be invited to sit-in on or observe the webinar.
  • If you have been assigned a webinar, please touch base with the instructor to finalize content and scheduling.
  • Remember to enter your statistics in the online form when completed.

After Your Webinar

After your webinar is over, remember to -

  • Watch for notice that your webinar recording is ready. Download the MP4 file and upload to the Training/HCC Library area in EduTube. Remember to request machine captions and edit these carefully. 
  • Check the Webex Insights/View More/Usage Report/Search or Display to list/Click on the blue title link of the meeting to generate the report that shows your session's attendance. This report, along wth the LibCal registration form, gives you the needed information to track attendance and to contact an attendee's noted instructor via email to report attendance. There is no need to report "no-shows," just attendees. Note - your webinar organizer might have to email these reports to you. 
  • Enter your session information in the online form at Use "webinar" for instructor, course, etc.
  • The ending quizzes are below. You can send the links to participants at the end of a session. They will also get them in a follow-up email after the session concludes. 

Facilitator Suggestion Box

Have suggestions or helpful information for all? Feel free to post or link here!

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