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What Is Plagiarism?: Home

Is It Plagiarism?

Copying a paragraph from a website without using quotation marks or providing a citation to the source.

Is It Plagiarism?
Yes, it's plagiarism.: 8215 votes (97.12%)
It's not plagiarism because it's from a free website.: 125 votes (1.48%)
It's not serious plagiarism if you only forgot to cite the source.: 119 votes (1.41%)
Total Votes: 8459
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Like everything else in the world, this guide is possible only through the efforts of many. Blanca Pompa made valuable suggestions. In addition to the individuals, libraries, and colleges that produced the content presented throughout the guide, I especially want to thank my librarian colleagues at HCC for valuable suggestions. Ayzhamal Zhamangaraeva and Blanca Pompa also contributed in valuable ways.

What's in It for You

Your success depends in part on your integrity and reputation. This Guide will help you understand and avoid plagiarism, which is a threat to your integrity and reputation even if you accidentally plagiarize.

Plagiarism: How to Get it Out of your Life (Bill Badke)

Get Real (Plagiarism)

Is this guide useful?

Did we help you understand the principles surrounding plagiarism and academic dishonesty?
Yes: 1219 votes (96.06%)
No: 19 votes (1.5%)
Maybe: 31 votes (2.44%)
Total Votes: 1269

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