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What Is Plagiarism?: Examples

Is It Plagiarism?

Using the exact text from sources for most of your essay, without quotation marks, but including the sources in your list of references.

Is It Plagiarism?
Yes, it's plagiarism.: 1489 votes (74.56%)
It's not plagiarism, but it's still cheating.: 158 votes (7.91%)
It's not plagiarism because you listed the sources you used.: 350 votes (17.53%)
Total Votes: 1997

Real Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a real-life problem, with real-life consequences. The links and examples on this page are real-life examples of plagiarism.

You can also find current real-life examples by clicking on the Websites tab of this guide.

Did Led Zeppelin Plagiarize Their First Album?

Leone Remakes Kurosawa

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