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SLAC has been created to advocate and support Central's library by facilitating and strengthening communication between the library, faculty and students.

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If you have any questions, please contact Erica Hubbard at

How-to instructions

Donate your textbook!

If you would like to donate your textbook(s), please drop them off at any campus library or ERC. Your kind donations will help other students.

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How-to videos created by students!

Performed & produced by members of the Student Library Advisory Council at HCC, Central campus.

Who are we?

The Student Library Advisory Council was established in 2013 at HCC Central College with the intention of enhancing the resources and services of the Library through open communication channels and stronger relationship building between students and the library administration. The council makes recommendations and bring new ideas in order to expand the mission of the library. The work of the Student Library Advisory Council should compliment the overall strategic goals at HCC Libraries.

The council consists of 8-10 members and meets once a month. After the inaugural year, the council shall hold elections to elect officers. The officers will hold their positions for 1 academic year and if no one is nominated, the elected officers may keep their positions for a maximum of 2 years.

SLAC Advisors

Rumela Bose, Public Service Librarian, 713-718-6136

Bethany Herman, Public Service Librarian, 713-718-6220

Erica Hubbard, Director of Library Services, 713-718-6139

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