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SLAC - Central: SGA Textbook Checkout

SLAC has been created to advocate and support Central's library by facilitating and strengthening communication between the library, faculty and students.

Find Your Textbook by ISBN

Type the number in the box below then press Enter or click the Submit button.


Type the ISBN as it appears. Punctuation and spaces should be omitted. For example:

Find Your Texbook by Author

Type the name of the author you want to find, then press the Enter key or click Search. Type the last name first.

Type the author's or artist's last name first. For example:

You may also type the name of an organization or governmental body. For example:

  • United States Congress
  • American Medical Association

Find Your Texbook by Title

Type the title you want to find, then press the Enter key or click Submit.

Type as much or as little of the title as you want. For example:

  • writer's presence
  • writer's pres
  • writer's


The Student Government Association and the Student Library Advisory Council at HCC Central has collected over 474 textbooks available for ANY student, regardless of the HCC campus you attend, to check out for the entire semester.  It’s a first come, first serve program as we do not promise to have every textbook.  All of the textbooks come from student donations. These are students who decided to contribute to a good cause versus selling their books back to the bookstore for a couple of bucks.  We encourage you to donate your textbook to this initiative so that other students can benefit by saving money and taking a stand against publishers who continue to increase textbook costs. If you would like to get involve, please tell other students about this program, donate your textbook and/or get involved with our movement. You can join us by contacting, Erica Hubbard ay

Read more about this initiative on the HCC Egalitarian Newspaper.

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