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HCC Northwest College Directory

Student Services

Student Services Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Dean, Student Success Rima Adil 713-718-5888
Associate Dean, Student Engagement Sarah Lewis 713-718-2782
Associate Dean, Student Engagement Rodney McLaurin 713-718-8558


Support Services

Advising Services can assist with:

  • Determining educational goals: associate degree, certificate, or transfer to a four-year institution
  • Verify courses eligibile for financial aid
  • Placement testing
  • Update degree plan or anticipated graduation date
  • Transfer to or from HCC
  • Transfer fair planning/site visits by transfer colleges/universities

For more information, visit their website at

Advising Manager, Alief Hayes

Jeff Andre


Advising Manager, Katy & Spring Branch

Shameka Reed


Alief Hayes Advisors- main contact Jeff Andre x85699
Name Email
Afsaneh Tarhandeh
Anthony Lopez
Belinda Simples
David Franklin
Ebunoluwa Ijiyera
Kazadi Kiboko
Malgorzata Wright
Pamela Wells
Syeda Sahar
Katy Advisors- main contact Shameka Reed x87537
Name Email
Contrice Kendall
Kenneth Wiggins
Khoury Baez
Nasrin Mehrinfar
Spring Branch Advisors- main contact Shameka Reed x87537
Name Email
Denzel Goodman
Goddrick Austin
Hassan Khatab
Mona Zadeh
Sherin Issac


Counseling & Ability Services can assist with:

  • ADA services (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Personal counseling
  • SLIP sessions for students on suspension or probation
  • Food insecurities
  • Special accommodations
  • Strategies for managing stress and anxiety
  • Crisis intervention
  • Information on community resources
  • Medical and Compassionate withdrawals

For more information, visit their website at and

District/College Counseling & Ability Services Contacts
Title College Name Email Phone number
District Director   Dr. Mahnaz Kolaini 713-718-7449
Lead Counselor Central Dr. Roman Alvarez 713-718-7997
Counselor Coleman Brandwyn Lerman 713-718-7376
Lead Counselor Northeast Ayesha Farr 713-718-8420
Lead Counselor Northwest Patrick Nguyen 713-718-6855
Counselor Southeast Tavia James 713-718-7053
Lead Counselor Southwest Dr. Becky Hauri 713-718-7909
Northwest Counseling Services Directory
Title Location Name Email Phone number
Counselor Alief Hayes Estelle Sit 713-718-7053
Disability Counselor Katy Laronda Ashford 713-718-5408
Counselor Spring Branch Tamara Petty 713-718-7518
Disability Counselor Spring Branch Lisa Parkinson 713-718-5667



Enrollment Services can assist with:

  • The Apply Texas application for enrollment
  • Providing information about residency and related documents 
  • Providing official student transcripts/receiving transcripts
  • Verification of enrollment
  • Returning student readmission (students who have not enrolled for the past 3 or more consecutive semesters)
  • Attendance Addendum for faculty
  • Locating courses and student enrollment
  • Dropping/adding courses
  • Receiving and processing enrollment documents

For more information, visit their virtual lobby at

Enrollment Services Officer for Northwest College

April Wiggins


Main Campus Numbers

Alief Bissonnet: 713-718-5948

Alief Hayes: 713-718-6919

Katy: 713-718-7579

Spring Branch: 713-718-5618

Alief Bissonnet
Title Name Email
Enrollment Services Associate Makeba Brown
Alief Hayes
Title Name Email
Enrollment Services Associate Aniqa Ayub
Enrollment Services Associate Dallas Brown
Enrollment Services Assistant Areve Ohan
Title Name Email
Enrollment Services Associate Angelica Esparza
Enrollment Services Assistant Ricky Maxey
Enrollment Services Assistant Patricia Rodriguez
Spring Branch
Title Name Email
Enrollment Services Associate Sharonda Mathis
Enrollment Services Associate Michelle Silva
Enrollment Services Assistant Kellee Mitchell


Financial aid is available to help eligible part-time and full-time students pay for college. It can be a combination of scholarships, grants, loans and Work-Study. Since HCC is multiple start dates, we accept financial aid applications throughout the year.  

For more information, visit their website at

Financial Aid Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Regional Manager Shavaun Rooker 713-718-5712
Financial Aid Customer Service Representative Ebony Beal  
Coordinator, Financial Aid Customer Service Shanetta Burke 713-718-6027
Coordinator, Financial Aid Customer Service James Dixon 713-718-5511


For more information, visit their website at

International Student Services
Position Name Email Phone number
Director Nithy Sevanthinathan 713-718-2181
Office Manager Jessica Neal 713-718-8539
International Student Advisors/Designated School Official
Last Name/Surname Advisor Name Email Phone number
A - Bh Tina Do 713-718-8381
Bi - C - D - Ek Thit Lwin 713-718-8452
El - F - G - H - I - Jan Eloy Anaya 713-718-8401
Jao - K - L Gerald Greene 713-718-7208
M - (Nguyen, Nh) Thomas Kallarackal 713-718-8933
(Nguyen, Ni) - O - (Pham, L) Gustavo Camacho 713-718-8539
(Pham, M) - Q - R - S - (Thai, M) Leila Allen 713-718-8453
(Thai, N) - U - V - W - X - Y - Z Mahnaz Arzanipour 713-718-5735


Testing Centers provide the following services:

  • TSIA2 Placement Testing (full and partial testing)
  • Accuplacer ESL
  • Accuplacer Math
  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
  • Referral to virtual testing with Examity
  • *NEW: TSIA2 Review Course
    • This TSIA2 Review Course provides support to HCC students who need to prepare for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2). This course consists of review modules which includes math and ELAR (reading, writing, and essay) content. The course is FREE to all current and future HCC students.

For more information, contact Dr. Marisol Montemayor or visit their website at

Alief Hayes Testing Center:

Katy Testing Center:

Spring Branch Testing Center:

Testing Coordinators
Location Name Email Phone number
Alief Hayes Vivian Thi Hoang 713-718-6206
Katy Roxanne Guerrero 713-718-5906
Spring Branch Laleh Golestaniowji 713-718-5670


For more information, visit their website at

Veterans Affairs Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Director Kapree Thomas 713-718-8227
Office Manager Brandie Maynard 713-718-8526
Certifying Official VA Shelia Ellis 713-718-7252
Certifying Official VA Luis Tapia 713-718-5069
Certifying Official VA Olga Schultz 713-718-8556
Certifying Official VA Natalia Ruiz 713-718-7039
Certifying Official VA Courtney Collins 713-718-2478
Certifying Official VA Willie Sykes 713-718-6275


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