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HCC Northwest College Directory

About Continuing Education

The Houston Community College School of Continuing Education faculty and staff are committed to providing outstanding instruction and services to our community in areas such as: business, languages, industrial technology & energy, information technology, construction, manufacturing, transportation, public safety, and health. We are proud of the expertise our faculty bring to the classroom. Whether changing careers or updating your skills, the School of Continuing Education can help you achieve your goals.

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CE Business Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Program Director Maryl Young 713-718-7966
Office Manager Yvonne Rivas 713-718-2511
Program Manager, SCE Kim McCullough  
Program Specialist Chanreka Taylor 713-718-2921


CE Construction Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Program Director George Davis 713-718-6772
Administrative Assistant Francisco Hernandez 713-718-8932
Program Manager, SCE Anuradha Mahanta 713-718-8903
Program Specialist Juan Flores 713-718-8926
Program Specialist Johnny Villaneda 713-718-8901


CE Health Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Director, Healthcare Programs Rosalinda Garza 713-718-2697
Administrative Assistant Jyresha Tate  
Program Manager, CNA Brenda Deloney  
Program Manager, Health Information Jackie Franklin 713-718-8235
Program Manager, Professional Health Prashant Harjai 713-718-2329
Program Specialist Angelica Moreno 713-718-7031


CE Industrial Technology & Energy Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Dean Mehmet Argin 713-718-5251
Office Manager Monique Edmonson 713-718-5534
Program Director Andrew Johnson 713-718-5415


Contact number:


CE Languages Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Interim Dean, College Readiness Marisol Montemayor 713-718-7153
Office Manager Traci Addison 713-718-7319
Program Director Maria Bazanmyrick 713-718-5257
Program Manager, SCE Daniel Benitez 713-718-8289
Program Manager, SCE Manuel Ramos 713-718-7582
Program Manager, SCE Latrish Tarhini 713-718-5515


Contact number:


CE Smart Manufacturing Directory
Title Name Email Phone number
Dean Alberto Urbina 713-718-6839


Contact number:


Contact numbers:



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