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Rapid Readers' Advisory: Self-help

This LibGuide helps librarians and library patrons quickly connect with popular and relevant books and eBooks by genre, theme, medium, or language.

Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings

If you'd like to browse our circulating stacks on-site, the following Call Number ranges may help you find a good read:

BF 306-499: Learning, memory, thinking, decision making

BF 560-593: Affection, feelings, emotions, anger / anxiousness, shyness, grief, procrastinating

BF 637: Applied psychology: achievement, success, creativity, conflict management, negotiation

BF 697: Personality: appearance, body image, self-esteem

BJ 1518-1697: Individual ethics: conduct of life, vices

HD 69: Time management

HF 5381-5382: Vocation/Career guidance

LB 1049: Study skills

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