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Rapid Readers' Advisory: Women's History Month

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Twice as hard : the stories of Black women who fought to become physicians, from the Civil War to the 21st Century / Jasmine Brown

"No real account of black women physicians in the US exists, and what little mention is made of these women in existing histories is often insubstantial or altogether incorrect. In this work of extensive research, Jasmine Brown offers a rich new perspective, penning the long-erased stories of nine pioneering black women physicians beginning in 1860, when a black woman first entered medical school. Brown champions these black women physicians, including the stories of: Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Dr. Edith Irby Jones, and Dr. Joycelyn Elders." #BlackWomen #Physicians #USHistory

Ann Walker : the life and death of Gentleman Jack's wife / Rebecca Batley

"Lesbian. Lover. Lunatic. These are just some of the words usually used to describe Ann Walker, the oft overlooked wife of Anne Lister, better known by some as Gentleman Jack. Ann was one half of England's first same-sex marriage and yet the rainbow plaque that marks their historic union on the wall of the Holy Trinity Church, York, features Ann's name in a font only half the size of her wife's. Her story has been long forgotten." #19thCentury #LGBTQHistory #EnglishHistory #Lesbianism

Serving herself : the life and times of Althea Gibson / Ashley Brown

"Coming Up the Hard Way "Sometimes, in a tough neighborhood, where there is no way for a kid to prove himself except by playing games and fighting, you've got to establish a record for being able to look out for yourself before they will leave you alone. If they think you're an easy mark, they will all look to build up their own reputations by beating up on you. I learned always to get in the first punch." #BlackFemaleAthletes #WomensTennis #Sports

The Devil's half acre : the untold story of how one woman liberated the South's most notorious slave jail / Kristen Green

"While Confederate statues are brought down across the country, America is reckoning with its tumultuous past and the legacy of the darker chapters of our history. In The Devil's Half Acre, New York Times bestselling author Kristen Green draws on years of deep research to tell the extraordinary hidden story of young Mary Lumpkin, an enslaved woman who sought freedom and lit a path for liberation for thousands more. Enslaved and separated from her family when she was a child, Mary Lumpkin, born 1832, was later forced to secretly marry and have the children of the brutal slave-trader Robert Lumpkin." #BlackWomen #EnslavedWomen #VirginiaHistory

A fever in the heartland : the Ku Klux Klan's plot to take over America, and the woman who stopped them / Timothy Egan

"A historical thriller by the Pulitzer and National Book Award-winning author that tells the riveting story of the Klan's rise to power in the 1920s, the cunning con man who drove that rise, and the woman who stopped them. The Roaring Twenties -- the Jazz Age -- has been characterized as a time of Gatsby frivolity. But it was also the height of the uniquely American hate group, the Ku Klux Klan. Their domain was not the old Confederacy, but the Heartland and the West. They hated Blacks, Jews, Catholics and immigrants in equal measure, and took radical steps to keep these people from the American promise. And the man who set in motion their takeover of great swaths of America was a charismatic charlatan named D.C. Stephenson. But at the peak of his influence, it was a seemingly powerless woman - Madge Oberholtzer - who would reveal his secret cruelties, and whose deathbed testimony finally brought the Klan to their knees." #Indiana #WhiteSupremacy #USHistory

Agent Josephine : American beauty, French hero, British spy / Damien Lewis

"In Agent Josephine, bestselling author Damien Lewis uncovers this little-known history of the famous singer's life. During the war years, as a member of the French Nurse paratroopers--a cover for her spying work--Baker participated in numerous clandestine activities and emerged as a formidable spy. In turn, she was a hero of the three countries in whose name she served--the US, France, and Britain." #BlackWomanDancer #BritishHistory #Espionage #FrenchHistory #WWII

Janet Reno : a life / Judith Hicks Stiehm

"The first full biography of former United States attorney general Janet Reno, this book examines the guiding forces that shaped Reno's character, the trails blazed by Reno in her professional roles, and the lasting influence of Reno on American politics and society." #AttorneyGeneral #WomenPoliticans #UnitedStatesGovernment

	"My faith in the Constitution is whole" : Barbara Jordan and the politics of scriptures / Robin L. Owens

"This is a critical investigation of the engagements of scriptures in the life and speeches of U.S. Congresswoman Barbara C. Jordan (1936-1996). This study explains how scriptures work and are used by Barbara Jordan as a vehicle for political activism to illustrate an example of a larger phenomenon of scripturalizing and scripturalization outside of the context of institutional religion. In order to give a fuller context to Barbara Jordan's rhetorical strategies as an African American woman, Owens first considers the lives, speeches and use of scriptures of the formidable 19th century African American women orators and political activists, Maria W. Stewart and Anna Julia Cooper, who serve as precursors to Barbara Jordan. The author argues that Barbara Jordan makes American scripture, i.e., the Constitution, function in her speeches as a central component in a discursive rhetorical strategy of indirection, which she refers to as "signifying on scriptures." #BlackPoliticans #USPolitics

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