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Criminal Justice: Search Tips for Finding Books on the Shelf

This is a research support guide for students, staff and faculty in our Criminal Justice programs.

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Browsing the Book Shelves or Searching the Library Catalog

Search the HCC Library Catalog for e/Book titles on Criminal Justice and Police Science! 

This is general search advice for HCC library materials on Criminal Justice and Police Science. The Library of Congress subject headings are used to organize materials in the Library Catalog. The main subject headings for Criminal Justice and Police Science are: Crimes and Offenses, Police--United States, and Criminology.

TIP- When you find a book that is relevant to your topic, check to see which Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) are attached to its catalog record.  By clicking on any of the subject headings you can see all of the other books that share that classification.  It may help you find more books relevant to your topic.  You can then browse books in the catalog by LC subject headings (Search by: Subject). The Library of Congress has several subject headings that pertain to Criminal Justice. In addition to "Criminology," search for "Victimology," "Criminal Justice Administration," "Crimes and Offenses," and "Police."

The following are the general subject sections covering Criminology and their respective Call Numbers in the library.

   HM(1)-1281 Sociology
   HM435-477 History of sociology. History of sociological theory
   HM461-473 Schools of sociology. Schools of social thought
   HM481-554 Theory. Method. Relations to other subjects
   HM621-656 Culture
   HM661-696 Social control
   HM701 Social systems
   HM706 Social structure

HM811-821 Deviant behavior. Social deviance
   HM826 Social institutions
   HM831-901 Social change
   HM1001-1281 Social psychology
   HM1041-1101 Social perception. Social cognition including perception of the self and others, prejudices, stereotype
   HM1106-1171 Interpersonal relations. Social behavior
   HM1176-1281 Social influence. Social pressure

HV1-9960 Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology
HV6001-7220.5 Criminology
    HV6035-6197 Criminal anthropology Including criminal types, criminal psychology, prison psychology, causes of crime
    HV6201-6249 Criminal classes
    HV6250-6250.4 Victims of crimes. Victimology
    HV6251-6773.55 Crimes and offenses
    HV6774-7220.5 Crimes and criminal classes

HV7231-9960 Criminal justice administration
    HV7428 Social work with delinquents and criminals
    HV7431 Prevention of crime, methods, etc.
    HV7435-7439 Gun control
    HV8035-8069 Special classes of crimes, offenses and criminals
    HV8073-8079.35 Investigation of crimes. Examination and identification of prisoners
    HV8079.2-8079.35 Police social work
    HV8301-9920.7 Penology. Prisons. Corrections
    HV9051-9230.7 The juvenile offender. Juvenile delinquency. Reform schools, etc.
    HV9261-9430.7 Reformation and reclamation of adult prisoners

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