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Criminal Justice: Featured Streaming Media

This is a research support guide for students, staff and faculty in our Criminal Justice programs.

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Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood & American Culture

Description: Tough Guise 2 stands to empower a new generation of young men -- and women -- to challenge the myth that being a real man means putting up a false front and engaging in violent and self-destructive behavior.

Episode 1

Episode 1.2 (Clean) version

Episode 1.3 (Abridged) version

A Nation of Drunkards

A Nation of Drunkards

Description: At 12:01 A.M. on January 17, 1920, the amendment goes into effect and Prohibitionists rejoice that at long last, America has become officially, and (they hope) irrevocably, dry. But just a few minutes later, six masked bandits with pistols empty two freight cars full of whiskey from a rail yard in Chicago, another gang steals four casks of grain alcohol from a government bonded warehouse, and still another hijacks a truck carrying whiskey.

Americans are about to discover that making Prohibition the law of the land has been one thing; enforcing it will be another.

Documentary 1h 34m

The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo: Oscar Zeta Acosta: From Latino Activist to Dr. Gonzo

The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo: Oscar Zeta Acosta: From Latino Activist to Dr. Gonzo

Description: From his origins in rural California, to his stint as a Baptist missionary in Panama, to his radicalization in the Chicano movement of the late 60's, and finally to his mysterious disappearance off the coast of Mexico in 1974, the film offers a complex vision of a Chicano icon who was emblematic of a generation, and yet totally unique in so many ways. Executive Produced by Benicio Del Toro.

Documentary 55m

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